Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on Art Courtyard Project

Brooke and I have been hard at work refining the project.  We decided to use synthetic grass for the courtyard area because it will stand up to heavy foot traffic.  It is fade resistant and very durable as well as environmentally friendly.  We made the music wall totally of xylophones of metal, oak and bamboo and various sizes and types.  There are several kinds of seating.  Garden benches, round cement benches with built in planters, a bench/wall, “ribbon” tables for eating where each end of the table can be leaned against while sitting on the ground. The datum lines define spaces in the courtyard for collaboration, active learning,  classroom and display space as well as relaxation space.  There is plenty of open space left at the front of the courtyard for group activities, such as painting theatre scenery, student signs and other large projects.  A “banner walk” leads the students toward the rear of the Encore building to an amphitheatre and green space. 

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