Friday, April 17, 2009

Creative Journey: Art Courtyard at NGMS

These are a few images of many from our process to design an art courtyard for Northern Guilford Middle School.  Included here are a few images that show some ideas we’ve toyed with and where we are at now in our process.


I believe the arts should be integral to learning experiences in the classroom--not merely a separate part of the curriculum.  Music, art, creative writing and performance arts all have connections to science, math, history and other topics.  In the design for the courtyard, Brooke and I are planning to create an environment that invites all students – not exclusively art students, to explore their own creative journey.  The way we plan to do this is to:

1.   provide prominent places for art students to display their work

2.  provide tools for teachers and students to have class outdoors

3.  integrate outdoor musical instruments with the architecture

4.  provide a green amphitheatre for outdoor classroom, multimedia facilities, theatre, band concerts and practice

5.  places to relax, read, reflect

6.  places to collaborate and congregate.


Integrated with all of these opportunities are areas that engage all the five senses along a student’s creative journey.


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