Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 8: Response To My Last Few Desk Critiques

While I have been in IAR, I have told several students that, "of all the professors that have taught me in this program, I have learned the most from Patrick because he inspires you to push yourself really hard.  He treats your ideas with respect and gives thoughtful advice."  Before I started in the program, I prepared myself mentally to keep a healthy attitude about critiques.  I knew I would experience critiques on a regular basis and made a pact with myself to learn from them rather than take a defensive posture.  However, during the two minute critique yesterday (that we waited 45 minutes for) and the critique last week, I felt that Brooke's and my work was treated with condescension and a little contempt.  It is fine with me if someone does not like a project I present.  I just don't like being treated with disrespect, especially in front of my peers.  When I detect condescension from someone that is speaking to me, I stop listening.  Therefore, I have nothing to report.

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