Friday, January 30, 2009

Beta - Charrette Two - Lecturn Design

 After doing some Internet research, I began to think all lecterns with storage look too much alike.  Since  there are so many square and box shapes in the project classroom, I believe creating a lectern with a curved contour will be a welcome contrast.  The organic shape will soften the space and be easier on the eye, wherever this mobile unit is situated.  When the lectern is not in use, it will have casters to move it aside.  In this instance the soft contours will be easier to maneuver around without bumping into sharp edges.  

For security purposes, the cabinet and drawer lock.  Inside the cabinet, are designated spaces for up to 2 cpu(s) (I borrowed this idea from Doug Leckie).  I felt it was important to include plenty of drawer space for those unwieldly items, such as cords, remotes, extra bulbs, and other miscellaneous items and supplies storage.    Also, the speaker may need a place to store their personal items during the presentation.  The spaces projecting out on each side of main cabinet provide places for the presenter to set a small glass of water and a laser pointer or remote.  On the top surface of the lecturn, I've included a light so the presenter can read notes (hard copies) in the dark during a presentation.  There is a digital console and screen for manipulating a digital projector as well as a built in manual overhead projector.  The wide drawer directly beneath the top is a docking station for a laptop or for laptop storage.  This area needs more refinement.  This is as far as I have gotten!  Please provide feedback.

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